Gavin J Williams

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT#105126

Cetrified Anger Management Specialist - Level II

Anger Management

If you answered yes to any of thesse questions you could benefit from anger management.

How does anger management help?

Anger is complicated. On the one hand anger is an emotion, sometimes appropriate sometime less so, but in and of itself, it is reletively harmless as an emotion. On the other hand it is part of a complex fight, flight or freeze physical reaction that, unchecked, can lead a person to damage property, harm relationships or even act outside of the law.

In anger management programs we discuss, learn and practice effective new skills that can decrease the damage that unmanaged anger and rage can have on one's life.

Skills include communication, stress management strategies and emotional intellegence. The process of meeting consistently and regularly with others and completeing between-class written work leads to real chance of behavior change.

Treatment options